ModelDescriptionSoftware Model Number
DFUW, DUWC, VUWC24 inch Wine Cellar11
DFUR, DUAR, VUAR24 inch Beverage Center21
DFRD, DURD, VURD24 inch Refrigerated Drawers16
Viking Refrigerator Common Problems
Viking Refrigerator Common Problems

Viking Refrigerator Diagnostic Info

Remedy Diagnostics Setting allows you to identify the firmware and also software application variants, evaluation condition of “version certain” system elements and additionally sensors, along with modification state of parts where applicable (i.e.– compressor on/off, and more.).

Enabling Solution Setting: To enable Option Setting, press along with hold the “WARMER” button while pushing the “COLDER” button four times within 5 seconds.

You can deficient possible for Solution Setting while in Establish Mode.– All system features will certainly stay in their existing state while in Service Setting.
Alarms are impaired throughout Service Setup and reset after leaving Remedy Setup.
Option Setting will automatically disable after 5 (5) minutes of no keypad entryway
After getting in Service Mode, the initial number that you will certainly see suggests the software application version number for the particular system you are servicing. For instance, if you are servicing a 24 inch wine cellar (DFUW, DUWC, VUWC), the extremely first number you will absolutely see is 11. See graph listed below for matching design and software application recommendation.

The 2nd number you will absolutely see recommends the software version launch. For instance, if you see 44 on the display screen panel it suggests software application variation 4.4.

While in Service Setting, press the “COLLECTION” button to tip with Examinations 0-9. The initial number of the screen will disclose the exam number. The 2nd figure reveals the existing state of each element on trial as well as additionally is revealed as “1” jumping on, CLOSED, or SHORTED in addition to “0” being OFF or OPEN. Tests 0 and 1 expose an open or shorted trouble spotted at the sensing device inputs. Exams 2 through 6 permit you to transform great deals ON with the “WARMER” switch as well as OFF with the “COLDER” switch. Examinations 7 through 9 validate state adjustment of the door switches over and/or magnetic reed sensor. The component exams readily available are defined in Readily available Part Evaluations graph.

Food temperature is too coldCondenser coils are dirtyClean coils
Refrigerator or freezer controls are set too high.Properly adjust controls
Food temperature is too warmDoor is not closing properlyCheck for internal obstructions that are keeping door from closing
properly. Refrigerator is not level.
See installation instructions
for details on how to level
your refrigerator.
Check gaskets for proper
seal, clean if necessary
Condenser coil is dirty.Clean coils
Rear air grille is blocked.Check the positioning of food items in refrigerator to make sure grille is not blocked. Rear air grilles are located under produce drawers.
Doors have been opened frequently or has been opened for long periods of timeReduce time door is open Organize food items efficiently to assure door is open for shortest time