ModelDescriptionSoftware Model Number
DFUW, DUWC, VUWC24 inch Wine Cellar11
DFUR, DUAR, VUAR24 inch Beverage Center21
DFRD, DURD, VURD24 inch Refrigerated Drawers16
Viking Refrigerator Common Problems
Viking Refrigerator Common Problems

Viking Fridge Diagnostic Info

Remedy Diagnostics Setting allows you to acknowledge the firmware as well as software program application variants, exam condition of “version specific” system elements and additionally sensing units, as well as change state of components where appropriate (i.e.– compressor on/off, and more.).

Enabling Solution Setting: To enable Solution Setup, press as well as hold the “WARMER” button while pushing the “COLDER” switch four times within 5 secs.

You can deficient feasible for Service Establishing while in Establish Setting.– All system functions will certainly remain in their existing state while in Service Setting.
Alarm systems suffer during Solution Setup and reset after exiting Solution Setting.
Option Setting will automatically disable after 5 (5) minutes of no keypad entryway
After entering Service Setting, the initial number that you will absolutely see recommends the software program version number for the particular unit you are servicing. For example, if you are servicing a 24 inch wine rack (DFUW, DUWC, VUWC), the really first number you will absolutely see is 11. See chart below for matching design and also software program application recommendation.

The second number you will definitely see recommends the software program version launch. As an example, if you see 44 on the display screen panel it suggests software program variation 4.4.

While in Service Setup, press the “COLLECTION” button to tip with Examinations 0-9. The first number of the display will certainly disclose the exam number. The second figure shows the current state of each element on trial as well as likewise is revealed as “1” getting on, CLOSED, or SHORTED in addition to “0” being OFF or OPEN. Examinations 0 and 1 reveal an open or shorted issue spotted at the sensing system inputs. Examinations 2 through 6 permit you to transform lots ON with the “WARMER” switch as well as OFF with the “COLDER” switch. Evaluations 7 with 9 validate state change of the door switches over and/or magnetic reed sensor. The part evaluations readily available are defined in Readily available Component Exams chart.

Water droplets form inside of refrigeratorHumidity levels are high or door has been opened frequentlyProperly adjust controls Reduce time door is open Organize food items
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