Viking Refrigerator Common Problems
Viking Refrigerator Common Problems

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The control system of your Viking fridge watches on the essential elements of the unit. If a mistake is determined, the digital display supplies a mistake code to assist locate and also take care of the problem.

The primary action to resolving any type of issue is to confirm the error is trustworthy. To validate a mistake code, you will need to reboot the refrigerator.

To reboot your refrigerator:

Unplug the fridge from the wall surface or switch off power to the electrical outlet at the circuit breaker.
Wait 5 minutes.
Return power to the refrigerator.

If the mistake code returns, it is a respectable mistake. Describe the adhering to chart for more dealing with help.

Error Code Discovery

The microprocessor in the control regularly keeps an eye on essential refrigeration system parts for ideal procedure. If element criteria exceed regular operating specifications, a distinctive security system will absolutely appear six (6) times every minute as well as the display screen will quickly blink the corresponding blunder code. If countless errors are born in mind with the system, the error codes will definitely be displayed sequentially.

Caution Alarm

The Tru Protect ™ system will certainly notify you if the device is not operating effectively. It provides both aesthetic in addition to distinct informs if the temperature rises above or falls listed below the established temperature, if there is a power failing, or if the door is exposed.

Door Ajar: If the door is revealed for greater than 5 (5) minutes, a distinct security system will appear 3 (3) times every 30 secs as well as the LED light will certainly blink environmentally friendly. This will certainly give up as quickly as the door is shut.
Reduced As Well As High Temperature: If the gadget gets to a temperature degree either above or listed here the collection element temperature level for higher than one (1) hr, a distinct alarm will definitely sound six (6) times every min and additionally the LED will absolutely blink red. This will definitely continue till the alarm is reset. The alarm system could happen when altering set-points over of 10 levels F and/or high use which is regular.
Power Failing: If the system experiences a power failing, the LED will certainly blink amber. This will proceed until the alarm is reset. With a power failing, no distinct signal is listened to. The alarm system may occur upon preliminary setup which is regular thinking about that the device was performed at the manufacturing center to verify top quality.
Resetting the Alarm

Close door to reset Door Open alarm. Press the “ON/OFF” button for around one (1) second to reset all different other distinct and also show alarm systems.

NOTE: Although pushing the “ON/OFF” button will reset the security system, the alarm system will certainly resume if the “alarm system problem” still exists.

Service Diagnostics Mode
Service Diagnostics Setting permits you to establish the firmware and additionally software application variants, examination status of “design details” system parts as well as sensing units, as well as also change state of components where relevant (i.e.– compressor on/off, and more.).

EdFailed defrost temperature sensorIt will be necessary to locate and replace the failed part.